Data Concentrator Unit DCU 860

DCU 860 brings Industrial Grade very advance communication platform for the Smart Grid application. DCU860 comprises of a redundant 865-867 Mhz UHF RF modem enabled with Optimesh Protocol along with Wifi, GPS, 3G modem with Optional Fibre Optical Interface The system comes with battery backup for 6 Hours of power failure and is IP67 packaged for an all weather operation. The communication network shall support data according to IS 15959 Part-I/Part-II to HES and ensure secure communication to HES.

Key Features of DCU 860
  • Canopy Type Router based RF Mesh Network
  • UHF Radio With Antenna And Polarization Diversity On Opti-Mesh Protocol.
  • Built In Redundant Radios For Multiple Networks.
  • Built In 3G Modem For High-Speed Cloud Connectivity.
  • Battery Backup.
  • Multiple Protocol Support.
  • Network Management. On Board 10/100 Mbps
  • Fast Ethernet Controller.
  • Self-Healing And Auto Routing Capabilities.
  • Store, Manage And Forward Capabilities.
  • In-Built Protocol Conversion Capabilities.