Key Features of Eagle Aqua™ Suite

  • Built on open platform for higher value for cost to user. Integrated platform for complete Smart water distribution solution implementation.
  • Multi-Protocol Head End System to wider interface option.
  • Vertical and Horizontal clustering for higher availability and better performance.
  • High Level of security with dynamic keying Algorithm for interface to Grid Equipment.
  • Clustered application for higher performance and availability.
  • SOA Interface to interface to any standard 3rd Party application.
  • Network Management System for ensuring high availability of the Network System.
  • Supports Pre-Paid and Post-Paid customer.
  • Supports Demand Limit and Load Limit Functionality.

Key Functions of HES

  • Acquisition of meter data on demand & at user selectable periodicity
  • Two-way communication with meter/gateway
  • Signals for connect & disconnect of switches present in end points like meter
  • Encryption of data for secure communication
  • Maintain time sync with gateway/meter
  • Store raw data for defined duration
  • Handling of Control signals/event messages
  • Setting of Smart meter configurable parameters
  • Communication device status and history
  • Network information in case more than one technology is deployed in field between the two devices

Eyrie Core

The Core of the system Eyrie gives you the capability to customize the Suites to the specify operational needs of the utility. Further our Systems are designed with high level of customizability due to agile architecture and design

Advance Metering Infrastructure

  • Operation
  • Data Management
  • System Integration
  • Customer Support
  • Remote Accessibility (Optional)
Advance Metering Infrastructure

  • Communication Gateway
  • SCADA Communication Gateway
  • Address Resolution System,NMS> Gateway
Data Storage & Management

  • Measurement Data for Post Processing
  • Data Staging
  • Configuration Data, Device Event
  • Network Status, Logs
Operation Management System

  • Life Cycle Management System
  • Network Asset Management System
  • Network Management System
System Integration

  • 3rd Party Meter Adaptor
  • Enterprise Service Bus
  • Web Service
  • Adaptor Framework
Customer Support

  • CIS Portal
  • SMS Gateway
  • Mobile App Gateway