Smart Water End-to-End Solution

Eagle Aqua™ Solution has the Capacity to deliver the best Smart Meter Interface for each type of user like residential area, Urban, Suburban, Rural or Industrial. The 100,000 Sqft state of the art facility of ours provides a single vendor Capabilities to integrate and test all the Smart water distribution and management solution.

With multiple options of interface and open platform implementation, Eagle Aqua™ Solution offers the best value proposition to the Smart Water Solution.

System Integration

Eagle Aqua™ Suite interface with MDM on standard interfaces and the data exchange models and interfaces shall comply with CIM / XML / IEC 61968/ web services or any other open standard. The solution shall be Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) enabled.

Eagle Aqua™ Solution Modules

  • Eagle Aqua™ Suite (Head End System)
  • GW 860 (Gateway)
  • Zyna Aqua (Smart Meter)
  • System Integration
  • IT Hardware and OS of Data Centre
  • Data Base (DB) / Meter Data Management System (MDMS)