Remote Controlled Target Boat

The Remote Controlled Target Boat (RCTB) is used in naval gunnery training, weapons testing and ship command and control assessments. These boats are autonomous and remotely controlled, and their use eliminates risks to personnel and equipment. Our broad Scope of work was supply of engine , design, engineering and supply of complete electrical and communication control system to Indian Navy working under sea state level III

Key Features of DCU 860
  • The Remote Control Station is located in the ship from where the RCTB is operated. The status information of the RCTB is available via telemetry for the relative position in bearing and range with respect to the control station, course and speed of RCTB, engine RPM and motion and fuel status.
  • A Remote Terminal Unit is used to control steering, speed, and engine starting and stopping. The boat is controlled by radio link with the operation distance of up to 25km. The radio control is not affected by the radar, radio transmission or ships stationed within its operating range.
  • RCTB has a GPS and a flux gate compass for navigation. It also has a programmable autopilot for setting up to 100 waypoints and steering the boats:
    • Individual precise operation from remote control
    • Following prescribed waypoints according to the mission plan
    • Bringing back the boat to a preset position in case of loss of command link with remote controller