Smart Meter Zyna

Zyna Smart Meters are one of the most advanced Smart Metering Platform with Integrated RF, GPRS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities. The Smart Meter comes Pre Loaded with the entire metering requirement in one form factor. The Smart Meter communicates to the Eagle Power™ Suite (HES) on Optimesh Protocol which is a mesh transport layer optimized for Power Utility application.

Zyna is a Single Phase & Three Phase Whole Current Smart Meter with Compliances to IS13779 for measurement requirements.

The Smart Meter comes with features of Multi Tariff Metering along with built in Pre-Paid option. The Smart Meter also has Bluetooth option to connect to In Home Display or other Android Smart Devices to view the power utilization information.

Zyna along with Eagle Power Suite provides user with suggestions and alert based on analytics running on the usage, to benefit the user with direction on better and optimized use of Power.

Zyna Key Features :
  • Detects and records tamper attempt even during power off.
  • Detects and records attempts to disconnect with time stamp.
  • Energy output pulse interface two Red LEDs (active and reactive).
  • Opto-Isolated pulse output (optional) Opto-Coupler (active energy).
  • User interface LCD, buttons and LEDs.
  • Infrared interface for metering data reading on DLMS.
  • Field-upgradeable firmware to extend the useful life of the metering solution and allow policies to be dynamically adjusted to optimize energy usage.
  • Pluggable modules allow you to mix-and-match different HAN and NAN protocols to suit various requirements.
  • Multi mode Connect/Disconnect for different Preconfigured Energy usage instead on complete Disconnect.
  • Meter stores interval data on minute basis for required days predefined periodicity along with the load survey, midnight survey, events (tampers).
Zyna Communication Capabilities :
  • Multi Protocol Serial Interface.
  • Optical Port Interface.
  • Built in Self healing Optimesh Network for Scalable Communication.
  • 865-867 Mhz Connectivity for AMR, GPRS Connectivity for WAN.
  • Optional Bluetooth Interface with Standard Consumer Device with Software Application.
  • Optional Optical Fibre Connectivity.
  • Optional ZigBee Interface
  • Optional Power Line Communication
  • Optional 2.4 GHz Wifi Module.
  • Optional RS 485 Serial Communication