Our Infrastructure and Environmental Commitment

The essential element of Green Building is to make the most efficient use of resources such as energy, water and material. Within our building management solutions, we create various mechanisms for minimizing the use of electricity by reducing air conditioning load and by encouraging the use of energy-efficient lighting systems. Fully fire-safe from the perspective of material used and various safety interlocks are engineered in the building.

Further it is designed by us to maintain the purity of indoor environments by regulating and proportioning the outdoor/indoor air exchange in dynamic proportion to occupancy. This minimizes odour and contaminants in the indoor air, thus boosting the productivity of the employees.

  • Switchless Control for lights. Every individual light has been controlled by individual relay so that based on Illumination and occupancy lighting power is distributed.
  • Double glass vacuum structural glazing with Saint Gobian reflective glass to reduce radiated heat.
  • LED Lighting and Motion sensors used to control the energy.
  • Instead of normal switch only touch screen is used to control the lighting and air conditioning power.
  • Instead of ACP, which use composite compound we have used 3 mm pure aluminum sheet so that better insulation and green and safe facading can be provided.