Eagle Yard™ Benefits

  • Calculation of Optimal Stockyard position & avoids unnecessary material transports.
  • Take material constraints for storage into account to avoid material mixing.
  • Improved Stockyard Performance (lead time).
  • No longer manual search for material in the Stockyards.
  • Fully automatic operating mode possible.
  • Reduction of operating costs.
  • Hooked up with plant network.
  • Remote & Auto Operation of yard machine (EAGLE YardTM Recommendation).
  • Auto sequence operation (EAGLE YardTM Recommendation).
  • Auto route selection (Based on Material, source & destination).
  • Material flow detail.
  • Rake Management system.
  • 3D Volume Measurement of Entire Yard.
  • Planning tool & Asset Management.
  • Data Gathering Over Wireless Network.