Key End User Benefits

Condition monitoring system :

This feature is generally not provided by Level 2 supplier. On a long term Customer shall get information on failure reasons, refractory life etc. which shall help to increase battery life.

Increased refractory life :

Customer can get better refractory life as we shall not only monitor the flue temp but also shall give information of desired flow control which shall help to give better Refractory life. Our software shall give better information on temperature profile of walls and Flue nozzle status so that chocked nozzles if any can also be attended faster.

Waste gas monitoring :

We shall closely monitor your waste gas providing better Coking index and reducing coking time and further increasing your productivity.

Mathematically modeled dynamic scheduling :

The production plan and schedule of coke oven is of utmost importance for implementing the higher level of automation. The coke production depends upon various aspects like battery life-time, energy consumption, coke quality etc. Our system incorporate various Algorithms to handle the scheduling for producing optimum Coke Quality.