Smart Grid Solution

System Characteristics

Maintain of flue temperature :

Our Solution controls effectively the vertical flue temperature, reduces the vertical flue temperature variation with maximum fluctuation within ±10 °C.

Better coke Quality :

The stable control of Coke oven heating temperature provides good quality of Coke.

Saving energy and improving gas utilization rate :

Our Solution establishes optimum Coke Oven Heating Control model and controls the required heat supply to save heating gas and controlling oxygen content in waste gas to realize the best combustion.

Reducing manual errors :

Our Solution provides fully automatic control keeping no room for manual errors.

Reducing emissions and pollution :

Our Solution reduces temperature fluctuation of Coke Oven Battery, Optimize Coke pushing operation management, improves the combustion efficiency of heating gas, drastically reducing exhaust pollution, smoke and dust pollution from Coke Batteries.