Turnkey Offering

Eagle Aqua™ is a Flexible, Modular and End-to-End solution platform for Smart Water Distribution and Management System.

Modular design
System is designed Modular to enable customer to pick functions specific to the requirements.

Interoperable systems
Eagle Aqua™ Suite comes with all standards technologies of interface like SOA, ESB, and web services for a seamless integration to any third party tools.

Open Standards
Eagle Aqua™ Suite is compliant with international open standards and specifications, enabling seamless integration of our head end systems with other software in the utility industry.

Scalability of the implementation is ensured at the field level as well as at the Data Center level not only on the size of implementation but also on the technology adaptation.

Lotus Wireless is committed to a high level of reliability by raising our security levels and meeting international standards. Our security module is based on the US government’s Federal Information Processing Standard and our encryption Algorithm (AES-128) is based on the NSA’s coding along with a unique dynamic keying Algorithm.

Potential Future Development
Our Smart Water Meter is designed with plugin hardware architecture that can manage multiple transmission modes and technologies. We build our hardware with future expansion in mind, to help improve services to our utility customers moving forward with the best value proposition for the investment.

Economical Proposition
Eagle Aqua™ Suite has flexibility to connect with cloud based technologies enabling us to deliver systems at lower cost and best economies of scale.